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I enjoy hearing from you, and I personally answer every question sent through this forum.

What I need to know:
In your note to me please include your age, gender and ethnicity. That will help me best address your specific needs, as all hair is not the same.

Where applicable, please do send photos. Photos are helpful when I’m trying to figure out your needs, and of course they’re very useful when explaining a concept. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

Response time:
As you can imagine, I get a lot of email! Please allow at least two days for a response. You might want to check out our blog while you’re waiting to hear back from me.

Your personal information is confidential and will not be published in any form. However, your question might be posted on our blog, stripped of any personally-identifiable information.

The internet is not a substitute for a formal, in-person examination. All responses to your questions are tentative, and subject to revision after I have examined you in person and discussed your medical history in detail. Regardless, you should consult your doctor about your condition and follow his/her advise.

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