Can I Wear A Hair Piece After My Hair Transplant?

I know that the full rewards of a hair restoration surgery do not come into fruition right away. But after my procedure, I do not want to be out and about with all the redness on my head and clear signs of surgical incisions. I want to keep my head covered. And I figured that a hair piece might be the best thing to use. Is this okay?

Jonathan R.

Hi Jonathan. This is a wonderful question as many patients share your concern about what to do after a hair restoration surgery. I like to advise individuals to choose hats instead of hair pieces. Here are several reasons why.

(1) Hair pieces/ toupees/systems need to stay in place on the head. Some have a rubber lining on the interior. Others require adhesives. The wounds on the skin are undergoing healing processes. And the skin itself is more sensitive than usual and vulnerable to infections and inflammations due to the entry or contact with foreign substances. This can cause further complications and impair the ability of the newly inserted follicles to grow new shafts

(2) The constant pressure of the hair pieces, especially when they rely on rubber, silicone and glues can actually shaft the intended direction of growth for the grafts. The final results need to reflect natural angles, directions and orientations. But changing the angle of the shafts can end up looking like noticeable errors.

Therefore, hats are a much safer choice. However, if you have to appear on camera or have your picture taken, you may then want to consider using a hair piece. If this is the case, use clips to anchor it in place rather than using adhesives or rubber linings. Also, don’t keep the hair piece on for more than twelve hours.

Also, if your other concern is simply others knowing that you had a hair transplant, you may want to read about the experiences of other patients. Keep in mind that these days, more people are very open about their experiences with cosmetic procedures in general. Others tend to be very receptive when they see positive improvements in a person’s appearance.

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