Less Obvious Information About Using Rogaine to Restore Your Hair

Most men are familiar with very basic information about Rogaine (Minoxidil). This includes:

(1)  the medication can be purchased without a prescription at most drug stores

(2)  Rogaine is applied topically twice a day

(3) Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow to the scalp

Before going out to purchase the product, there is other information think about

(1) Whether or not to choose the 2% or the 5% version

(2) The fact that Rogaine is available as a liquid or a foam

(3) Rogaine can be used in conjunction with prescription medications like ketoconazole shampoo or tretinoin.

The drug can even be used simultaneously with Propecia. These types of regimens will, of course, need to be discussed with a doctor who specializes in the restoration of hair.   It will also be important to consider where Rogaine will be used. Those who are suffering only from hairline recession may be encouraged to know that the drug is not restricted for use only on the crown.

Which Product to Buy

It may be a good idea to have this discussion with your physician. Generally though, individuals start with 2% to see what benefits ensue from using this concentration. And if a greater strength seems to be needed, then men can use the 5%. 2% is considered to be safe for women.

But it is possible for females to use the 5% version under the guidance of a dermatologist. In addition to the concentration, another consideration is whether or not to use the foam or the liquid for restoring hair. The liquid is the original product version. And the foam is a newer development that was intended to reduce the greasy texture of the medication.

The original Rogaine contains propylene glycol which is intended to enhance the ability of the Minoxidil to penetrate the skin. The foam does not have this. Consumers should be aware that propylene glycol is a form of toxin, which is considered to be moderate in severity. So it would be important to clarify one’s priorities. Some doctors recommend using the liquid product by doubling the quantity at night for a once a day application.

This can then be washed away in the morning to avoid a greasy look. Also, using Rogaine once a day is far more convenient for many people.

How Do Prescription Drugs Work With Rogaine?

Ketoconazole occupies androgen receptors on the hair follicles to block DHT, which is a primary contributor to miniaturization in those who are genetically predisposed to pattern baldness. Also, tretinoin may be prescribed to enhance the skin’s permeability to Minoxidil.

Where to Use Rogaine as a Hair Restoration Drug

Rogaine was only tested for use on the crown. But it seems that this information has been misinterpreted to mean that the medication will only work in this region. The hair follicles and the overall physiology of the scalp is the same in both the crown and the hairline. Therefore, individuals with hairline recession should feel secure in using the product in both areas instead of waiting until baldness and thinning affect the crown.  

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consumers should educate themselves on the use of Rogaine for their hair restoration needs

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