causes of poor hair transplant growth yield

Why Is There No Growth After My Hair Restoration?

I had a transplant 1 year ago and nothing grew. What could be responsible for this?

Joseph R.

What you are experiencing is actually more common that most people realize. This video discusses the issue of low yield and the factors that cause poor growth.

There are several likely reasons that are mentioned.

(1) The donor follicles may have suffered damage during the transfer to the recipient areas of your head. This may have been caused by surgical instruments (i.e. tugging, pulling and use of excessive force) warm storage temperatures or air drying.

(2) Also the follicles that were chosen may have already been in the process of shrinking or miniaturizing.

(3) Hair follicles may have been stored for a long time outside the body before they were inserted. Six hours is the maximum recommended length.

(4) The patients themselves may have used products that irritated the skin and damaged the follicles. These include: dyes, bleaches and other forms of harsh chemicals. Also adhesives for hair pieces can also be detrimental and even change the direction of the hair growth.

Hair follicles are basically tiny organs. And they need to be handled with great care.

Time Frames

An awareness of average time frames is helpful for patients who are awaiting their results. Usually new growth starts to become apparent at four months. It will look patchy at first and look more even at about 7-10 months.

The ten month point is when it is possible to start evaluating the yield. The complete absence of growth is a legitimate cause for concern.  But if there is some growth, it is best to wait another two months. It is indeed quite possible for growth to take longer than the average expected time frames. Hope this helps.

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