phases of a hair transplant

What is a hair restoration procedure like?

Hi, I am just starting to consider hair transplantation as an option for my baldness. I just want to know what the overall experience of these surgeries is like. Thanks- RJ Williams

RJ Williams


It is a good idea to understand a general overview of the entire process. Hair restoration surgery is a major investment in terms of time, money and even your emotions. Therefore having a clear idea of what to expect can be a helpful part of navigating this journey.

I’d like to start with the research and information discovery prior to choosing a service provider. This is essential to having an overall successful experience!  It will be important for you to focus on results more than anything. Don’t be swayed by any claims or marketing hype that is not supported by clear photographic evidence of quality results.

Also make sure that your hair transplant consultation is led by the surgeon who will be doing your procedure. In many clinics, it is common for sales professionals who are paid by commission to handle this. They are not medical experts.

Don’t ever undertake your surgery on the same day as your consultation. Your results will be something that is supposed to last for a lifetime. Take your time to make the best decision possible.

Many people are concerned by experiencing pain. Hair transplant surgery uses local anesthesia and even mild oral sedatives. At most, average patients will feel pulling and tugging.

It is also important to understand that the procedure itself can be thought of as three parts:

(1) the extractions (i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction or strip harvesting)

(2) storage of the grafts

(3) insertions

Choose a doctor who excels at all three. This affects your coverage, growth yield and the aesthetics of your outcome.

The full extent of your results can be expected to grow within an 18 month time frame.


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