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Baldcast 01: Role of ACell in Hair Loss Treatment (Podcast)

Join host Dr. Sanusi Umar in our new hair loss support and treatment podcast. Dr. Umar is a hair transplant pioneer specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is  a minimally invasive procedure involving the relocation of head and body hair one unit at a time. He is a pioneer of an advanced form of FUE that enables the effective use of non-head hair in the donor pool of hair restoration surgery (Body Hair Transplantation).

On this podcast, he will answer listener questions as he provides his expertise as an expert in the hair restoration and transplantation fields. Dr Umar is certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Previously, he was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Episode 1 Outline

  • Dr. Umar personal introduction
    • Personal story
    • Inspirations
    • Successes
  • Acell Role in Hair Loss Treatment
    • What is Acell?
    • Has Dr. Umar used Acell in hair loss patients in the past?
    • What was the outcome? Satisfactory or not?
    • There are several clinics that claim Acell is a good tool for hair loss treatment. What is Dr. Umar’s take on this position, and why?

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Does ACell Actually Work For New Hair Growth

Within the last year, the thinning on my head has gotten worse. Because this seems to be a problem that runs in my family, I am certain that it is pattern baldness. I read that what happens is that the hair follicles shrink. I read that ACell can help new follicles grow. Is this actually true?

Balding Mike

ACell seems to have developed as a hot buzz term which circulates throughout hair loss discussion forums. But keep in mind that just because something is talked about a lot does not mean that it actually works. For example, media outlets constantly write articles on the latest and greatest treatment in hair restoration. Yet, an actual cure for genetic thinning and baldness is far from being within our grasp. Research in these areas is still within its infant stages.

ACell is basically a bioengineered form of extra cellular matrix that has additional elements which collectively offer enormous promise in wound healing. Some people believe that its regenerative potential can actually benefit the area of hair restoration. While research results in wound healing have been remarkable, there are no studies which convincing support ACell’s ability to actually grow or multiply hair follicles.

Individuals who are considering different options to reverse their hair loss need to do their research before making an actual decision on a particular treatment. There are no shortage of stories about people who spent large sums of money on seemingly promising solutions which produced little to no results. When learning about different types of interventions, it is important to understand how they are supposed to work. Keep asking questions to get a very clear picture. Confusing and vague explanations that hide behind a lot of jargon is a red flag warning.

Also be sure to look for tangible results across many individuals, not just a few isolated cases.

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